Niometrics’ unique approach to network analytics and views on 5G investments.

Apr 30, 2020

In an interview with a journalist from Computer Weekly, Luis Rezende, Vice President of Insights at Niometrics, shared how Niometrics is advancing network analytics while emphasising privacy protection, and views on current 5G investments.

As maintaining social distancing comes up as a pivotal step amid COVID-19 outbreak, network analytics has been used to help governments determine if their guidelines are being followed. Such data may come from telcos, whose networks can provide anonymised and processed data and insights on the concentrations of people in specific locations.

This has been one of the recent use of network data analytics, apart from its many existing applications in improving service quality and customer experience, or even identifying potential business opportunities for different industry players, such as ride-hailing companies.

During the interview, Luis Rezende discussed some of the unique aspects of Niometrics and its Deep Network Analytics (DNA) Technology ― from its ability to extract hyper-granular insights by detecting more traffic data than competing offerings on the market, to its analytics layer making those insights easier to consume, while placing a particular emphasis on privacy and data protection.

We think we have something different to offer because we are specialists,Rezende said.

With the commercial 5G services making their debut across the world gradually, Luis also pointed out that enterprise 5G use cases are largely limited to the internet of things and teleoperations, where telcos are making 5G investments cautiously.

Rather than build a nationwide 5G network, telcos are rolling out the technology in predefined areas where there may be a chance of something flourishing – even if these are non-standalone networks without a 5G network core,” Rezende added.

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