The IoT will be significant, presenting CSPs with the opportunity to capture new revenue streams from the massive deployment of sensors, analytics and machine-learning. Beyond the consumer market, IoT applications for CSPs are also likely to extend across enterprise applications.

Realising value from these new IoT markets and services will require CSPs to build entirely new capabilities and offerings to stay competitive.

Using our IoT Business Analytics solution, underpinned by our proprietary signature language, ‘unclassified’ objects and behaviours on your network can be swiftly detected, identified and profiled. With the essential, first-to-know intelligence advantage, you can forge strategic business alliances and implement more effective IoT plans ahead of the competition.

Designed for

Digital Business and Partnerships Management, Enterprise Business

Value Drivers

Rich signatures to detect and identify IoT devices

Vast devices library enables tracking of device usage trends to use in negotiation with IoT equipment and application providers

  • Deep Granularity
  • Device Library
  • True Real-time