Sustaining constant engagement and satisfaction.

We know that churn management is a key priority for many of our clients. The shifting of the consumer landscape to digital and social is significantly impacting how consumers make decisions and transact. Discover how you can develop services to better recognise the changing needs of your customers, identify high-risk potential churners and retain them in real-time.

Engage your customers at the most important moments.

This means knowing when they are ready to subscribe, cancel or change their subscription to your services. Our solution give you the insight to determine the key instances of the customer’s purchase journey and intervene with the necessary retention offers.

Respond to competitor activities faster with real-time triggers to your CLM teams for implementing retention campaigns to reduce churn rates. Our solution offers you 24/7 realtime detection of visitor activities on competitor websites, as well as any other leading digital signals that you have predefined.

Foster loyalty and increase retention with improved churn prediction models that help you identify leading indicators of customer churn. Go beyond the traditional data sources of demographics and usage with our digital consumption and behavioural data.

Designed for

Customer Lifecycle Managers, Marketing Managers

Value Drivers

True, real-time detection of visits to competitors’ websites 24/7 or any leading digital signals

Immediate trigger to campaign management system

Enrich and complement existing churn prediction models

  • True Real-time