Kostas Anagnostakis

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Kostas Anagnostakis

Kostas founded Niometrics in 2009, initially serving as CTO. Today, as CEO, Kostas is responsible for Niometrics’ overall direction, technology leadership and growth strategy. He also leads Niometrics’ investor relations, and communicates the company’s plans and performance to the board of directors.

In addition to strategic corporate development initiatives, he remains actively involved in identifying new technical challenges and opportunities in service of Niometrics’ clients.

Prior to Niometrics, Kostas spent over 15 years in academic research; with a focus on the challenges in measuring network performance, building high-performance network monitoring systems, and experimentally quantifying threats that come with scale. He then spent 5 years at A*STAR, where he developed CUB4, a high-performance traffic analysis engine that was the precursor to the core engine now used at Niometrics. Kostas has published more than 60 technical conference and journal papers in networking, systems, and security venues.

“There are visionaries and there are problem solvers. I’d rather be a problem solver - there is far less competition.”

Kostas Anagnostakis

Kostas has a PhD in Computer Science and a Master of Software Engineering in Computer and Information Science from the University of Pennsylvania. He has lived in Greece, Germany, the United States, the Netherlands, Singapore, and Australia.

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