Constantinos Halevidis

VP, Data Science

Constantinos Halevidis

As Vice President of Data Science, Constantinos leads Niometrics’ data scientists, signature analysts, and visualisation experts in developing innovative applications that bring out the full value of Niometrics’ technology for our partners.

Constantinos joined Niometrics in 2017 and helped bring several novel products to market, including a key patent-pending technology on networked device identification, a solution in privacy-preserving analytics, and machine learning systems to assess quality of experience and predict behaviour on carrier-grade networks.

Prior to Niometrics, Constantinos used machine learning as a Data Scientist at EnSCo AG to forecast the spot and forward prices in the European wholesale electricity markets, routinely outperforming commercial data providers by a significant margin.

Constantinos holds a PhD and a Master of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece. As a researcher, he has published over 10 papers in peer-reviewed journals, and over 10 articles in peer-reviewed conference proceedings, most recently with Niometrics on the subject of encrypted network traffic identification.

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