Niometrics’ view on green digital revolution against climate change.

Oct 13, 2020

In the commentary published by Channel News Asia (CNA), Luis Rezende, Vice President of Insights at Niometrics, shared how green IT initiatives are making a dent in the fight against climate change, leveraging efficient engineering principles to deliver high performance at minimised carbon footprints.

Looking back on the digital transformation around the world, Luis Rezende points out the issue of excessive consumption of hardware resources and energy. For example, data centres around the world account for roughly 2% of greenhouse gas emissions, a level matched by the aviation industry, while picking the least wasteful and energy-consuming methods was not a priority for many IT system designers.

Rezende explains that unlike updating hardware and investing in new infrastructure, fine-tuning software engineering techniques comes at a much lower financial barrier, which starts with the strategic building and designing of software.

While sustainability initiatives require an upfront investment, payback often comes in the form of cost-savings. At Niometrics, we’ve seen a 90% reduction in hardware capacity and respective energy consumption among our clients after they replaced their older software platforms with our new ones,Rezende said.

Rezende further stresses that consuming data and safeguarding against climate change need not be opposing ends of the spectrum.

“Green IT initiatives are achievable, and it is imperative companies make a concerted effort to build and deploy more energy-efficient solutions. It is the way forward in making a dent in our fight against climate change,” Rezende added.

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