Niometrics recognised as one of Singapore’s fastest growing companies.

Mar 13, 2019

Niometrics has been identified by The Straits Times and Statista as a leading high-growth company in Singapore.

After compiling information on hundreds of high-growth firms, the Straits Times and Statista have ranked Niometrics as one of Singapore’s Fastest Growing Companies. Niometrics featured:

  • 5th in the category of “Fastest Growing Technology Company in Singapore”
  • 22nd in the category of “Fastest Growing Company in Singapore”

Commenting on the achievement, Kostas Anagnostakis, Niometrics’ founder and CEO, said:

“These are very gratifying results. They provide evidence that our pursuit of client impact has kept us in a successful path, underscoring the strong partnerships we have formed across the APAC region.”

“We are also proud of being a fast-growth company in a country like Singapore, where 80 out of the world’s top 100 tech firms have operations and which ranks number 6 in the 2019 Bloomberg Innovation Index, just ahead of Japan and the U.S.

This achievement validates our commitment to engineering excellence. It gives us the incentive to continue advancing network analytics technologies that make sense of digital moments without compromising individual trust.”

About Niometrics

Niometrics is a network analytics company that provides solutions for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to develop strategies and decisions for new digital businesses, customer experience management, and network planning and optimisation.

Analysing a combined base of over 500 million subscribers who consume and exchange over 60 PB of data daily, Niometrics’ proprietary, full-stack Deep Network Analytics (DNA) technology extracts, processes, and transforms in real time complex network data into insights, enabling CSPs to take better and more timely actions to drive higher business ROIs.

Niometrics partners with some of the largest telecommunications providers in the world. Based in Singapore, the company has operations and R&D hubs across Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.

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About the Straits Times’ Fastest Growing Companies in Singapore Ranking

A variety of companies, from medical service providers to fintech players, have made it onto the list of 85 companies compiled by The Straits Times and Germany-based global research firm Statista. The ranking is based on the firms’ revenue growth from 2014 to 2017.

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