Niometrics’ approach to a greener net in Channel News Asia documentary.

Jan 26, 2021

In the documentary ‘Greening the Net’ on Channel News Asia (CNA) on 18th Jan 2021, Periklis Akritidis, Chief Technology Officer at Niometrics, talks about how Niometrics is contributing to a sustainable environment with less data-intensive processes, and how individuals can reduce their carbon footprint when watching videos.

Climate change must be addressed on a global scale. In this documentary, other tech giants, like Google Cloud, Google, Microsoft Azure ™, Facebook, Keppel Data Centres, and Princeton Digital Group, share how they are contributing to the ‘greener net’ and tackling the increasing climate issues.

For Niometrics, ‘big data, small footprint’ has been a key focus and a core technology differentiator. With simple and efficient software, Niometrics has managed to use less servers that leads to less heat and greenhouse gas emissions. This has further allowed Niometrics to stand out from other competitors during its business expansion across different regions.

Commenting on Niometrics’ approach to a greener net and climate change, Akritidis stresses:

“We go back to computer science basics and try to write as simple codes as we can to bring out the maximum performance out of hardware. For example, instead of using 100 servers, by writing efficient software, we can use 20.” 

Learn more by watching the full documentary here.