No matter where you are, you will be part of a global team.

Since our inception in Singapore, we have expanded rapidly with the opening of numerous international offices.


Corporate Headquarters

Taking inspiration from Singapore’s diversity, our global headquarters is home to people from a wide range of ages, backgrounds, nationalities and ethnicities. You will find people from all functions collaborating with the rest of our global team to keep us all going and growing. With many key decisions being taken there, our Singapore office is a pivotal place where directions are being set, serving as a platform for our operations globally.

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Research & Development Hub

Our R&D lab in Melbourne serves as the new launchpad for our growing business in the region and hub for future-shaping technology R&D.

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Development Hub

Our office in Athens is the first office that we opened outside of South East Asia. You will find some of the brightest minds there – our engineers, developers, designers and data scientists – developing our groundbreaking, cutting-edge technologies and solutions.

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“Since I joined Niometrics, I had the opportunity to travel to multiple destinations and to work with numerous different cultures. So far I have been based in 4 out of our 7 offices. Living in another country and learning different approaches to problems broadens your mind and makes you more open to new things. Being in a multicultural company gives you a high level of cross-country interactions, making us learn from each other, creating a unique agile concept, combining the best approaches at a global level.”

Paul Katsoulakis


Engineering Hub

When we think of massive, complex data, nowhere compares to Indonesia. This is why we established our engineering hub in Jakarta. You will find engineers in different roles, collaborating closely with our clients to build solutions and create value from one of the largest source of data that exists in the world today.

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Development Hub

We push boundaries to achieve engineering excellence. We build extreme technologies from the ground-up to deliver the best solutions to our clients. To achieve even our most ambitious goals, we need a world-class team. To bring in the best, we opened our 2nd European Development Hub in Brasov, Romania.

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Regional Offices

Niometrics Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Niometrics Manila, Philippines

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Niometrics Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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