Legal Notices


Niometrics is a registered trademark of Niometrics (Pte.) Ltd. and its affiliates in the U.S., the E.U., and other countries and regions.

Permissible Use

You may generally use Niometrics trademarks to refer to the associated Niometrics technology, products or services. For instance, an authorised reseller can note in its advertisements that it is selling the Niometrics Deep Network Analytics software and network analytics products and solutions. Similarly, a Niometrics customer may issue a press release stating that it has implemented Niometrics Deep Network Analytics and solutions.

Prohibited Use

Third parties may not use the Niometrics trademarks in a manner that could cause confusion as to Niometrics sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement. Third parties should not use the Niometrics marks as set out below:

  • Use on or in relation to a software product that includes or is built on top of a product supplied by us, if there is any commercial intent associated with that product.
  • Use in a domain name or URL.
  • Use for merchandising purposes, e.g. on t-shirts and the like.
  • Services relating to any of the above.

Prior written permission from Niometrics (Pte.) Ltd. is necessary to use any of the trademarks under any circumstances other than those specified above.

Copyright Information

Copyright © 2009-2021, Niometrics (Pte.) Ltd. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

Niometrics products and services – including images, text, and software downloads (the “content”) are owned either by Niometrics (Pte.) Ltd. and/or its affiliates or by third parties who have granted Niometrics (Pte.) Ltd. and/or its affiliates permission to use the content. No part of these materials may be copied, used or disclosed except with written permission of Niometrics (Pte.) Ltd.; and Niometrics (Pte.) Ltd. cannot grant you permission for content that is owned by third parties.

Open Source Software

Niometrics Deep Network Analytics software, its products and solutions use open source software and include software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit. (

In order to obtain the license information and the source code used in such products, you may contact us and address your request to: [email protected].


If you have any question regarding these Legal Notices, you may contact us and address your request to:

Email: [email protected]
Office address: Niometrics (Pte.) Ltd., 600 North Bridge Road, #12-04, Parkview Square, 188778

Last updated on April, 2021.