What we do

Niometrics captures, organises and extracts insights from some of the biggest and most complicated datasets that our modern societies currently produce. We put a magnifying glass on the realities collectively constructed by billions of connected individuals and machines, making sense of how humanity is re-creating wholly new digital universes with bits and bytes – universes that need to be seen, interpreted and explained. From taking deep dives into digital behaviours, to exploring the most intimate interactions between network technology and user experiences, we do it all.

Our UX/UI team works very closely with Product Owners in their tireless quest to create actionable insights out of seemingly disjointed datasets. We may, for example, build interfaces to show how hundreds of millions of digital users cluster into micro-segments, how they move about on their daily lives or what their next predicted actions will be. And we do all that while applying a relentless attention to detail, building interfaces that are as pleasurable to consume as they are intuitive to understand.

We believe that, if data is the new oil, then visualisations are the new rigs, extracting real value out of massive information pools and conveying the ‘so-whats’ that really matter.

Your role as UX/UI Developer

As a UX/UI Developer, you will build visualisations that deliver human-graspable meaning, surgically distilling a last-mile layer of insights derived from petabytes of daily raw data. You will achieve this by building real-time user interfaces that help make sense of the massive digital behaviours that our technologies capture. These interfaces are typically based on NodeJS (for web back-end) and React (for web front-end), and communicate with several lower level internal services for the acquisition, processing and analysis of what typically starts out as extremely unstructured pipelines of information.

What we value

  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering
  • Minimum 5 years experience with JavaScript, as well as Data Visualisation and charting
  • Ability to code custom functionality from scratch (without external libraries)
  • Good knowledge of the React framework
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