What we do

Niometrics captures, organises and extracts insights from some of the biggest and most complex datasets that our societies produce. We put a magnifying glass on the realities collectively constructed by millions of connected individuals, making sense of wholly new digital universes which need to be seen, interpreted and explained. From taking deep dives into digital behaviours to exploring the interactions between networks and user experiences, our software enables it all.

As we continue to expand, we want to retain our entrepreneurial spirit while building more robust business practices. Strategic development takes up projects across a wide range of areas, leading initiatives that create the organisational ingredients indispensable to our continuous growth.

That involves, for example, spearheading Niometrics’ strategic planning cycles, conceiving and executing corporate marketing programs and driving thought leadership within our industry spaces. It also entails supporting internal functions like HR, Sales, Product, Compliance, Intellectual Property Management and Data Governance on strategic projects that will strengthen their ability to deliver impact.

Ultimately, we do not shy away from any challenge: wherever there is an opportunity to boost Niometrics’ business IQ, with structured thinking and disciplined execution, the Strategic Development team must be ready to jump on.

Your role as Client Partnerships Manager

As a Strategic Development Manager, you will lead cross-functional projects, both on design and execution – in equal measures. You will combine business acumen and conceptualisation (to define what needs to be done) with impeccable project management (to get it done). You will navigate different domains with a steep learning curve, independently driving your projects forward. Finally, you will be responsible for helping the company to answer big strategic questions about the future paths it could tread.

Ultimately, you should expect to become a SWAT specialist in building up all the corporate, strategic and management tissues of a high-growth tech company.

What we value

  • Bachelor Degree in Business, Management or related discipline
  • Minimum 3-5 years experience in corporate development, management consulting, strategic marketing or in-house strategy functions
  • Dynamic, independent, resourceful individual with great problem-solving skills
  • Proficient on Powerpoint / Keynote and Excel / Numbers
  • Team player with excellent communications and interpersonal abilities
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