What we do

We invite you to be part of our ambitious, close-knit team creating systems for large customers who need to crunch through Tbps of data in real-time. Our approach is relentless performance-oriented software engineering vs. server sprawl in our customers’ datacentres.

You will use the latest high-end hardware and continuously devise ways to push the envelope of software performance.

We build in-house systems if we must. We had to for indexing 1M 60-column rows/s, for aggregating high throughput event streams over hundreds of combinations of dimensions, and for pattern matching 5M patterns at 100Gb/s per 2RU. We use these to solve real customer problems.

You will experiment wildly. For example we implemented network monitoring using a GPU, and we tested 4-socket machines with 2T RAM. Our current favourite platform is a 2-socket system with Platinum 8180 CPUs (112 lcores in total), 4x40Gbps NICs and 1T RAM, which we use to process 160Gbps.

You will help us build a successful software platform for the long run. We invest a lot in flexibility, such as with our extensible rule engine and declarative aggregation system that empowers our analysts and helps us minimise the C code we have to write for supporting disparate use-cases.

We work end-to-end. You will implement data engineering solutions that are both efficient and secure for handling events from 500 million users, and to extract insight without leaking individual information.

We want to show off. To attract the best programmers we plan to showcase our technology. You can be part of our effort to open source interesting pieces of our technology stack.

Your role as Database Engineer

As a Database Engineer, you will review and analyse the efficiency and correctness of existing database code and architecture. You will also have to identify and troubleshoot bottlenecks to max out database performance and collaborate with team members on data modelling and schema design in order to implement new or improved features and functionality.

You must be a very strong programmer, know how to measure and tune SQL performance, and be at home on the Linux command line. You must feel comfortable in an international work environment and able to learn by yourself and deliver. Your managers will be highly technical people who expect you to be better than them at your specialty. You should expect to be rewarded as our company continues to grow.

What we value

  • Bachelor’s or Higher Degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Strong skills in data analysis, modelling and manipulation
  • Excellent understanding of relational database design and performance aspects
  • Expert level SQL coding skills, extensive experience with PostgreSQL
  • Systems engineering experience, including Linux performance monitoring, tuning, configuration, and troubleshooting
  • Proficiency in shell scripting and Python programming
  • Familiarity with at least one compiled language
  • Highly self-motivated and comfortable in an international working environment
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