Network operations teams have to deal with fault management in their daily routines. That consumes a great amount of effort to manually collate raw information from different sources, identify network failures, and - often unsuccessfully - isolate their underlying causes.

Improve network operations. Ensure customer satisfaction.

One of the major challenges for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) today is to cope with their subscribers’ expectation for always-on connectivity and high-quality service. However, in large scale telecommunications networks, comprising of multiple components and complex infrastructures, this is not straightforward to accomplish. It requires systematic monitoring, multi-layer analysis, and fast mitigation of all errors that affect network’s performance, much before subscribers’ experience is impacted.

Avoid time consuming network diagnostics.

xAnalyser is a solution designed for network engineers, allowing them to view, inspect and analyse network errors across the control plane. Starting from a summary view aggregating all errors per interface, users can select each one to drill down from the failures per procedure and their cause codes, into the detailed transactional logs per subscriber affected.

Investigate and analyse network errors with ease.

Through an intuitive interface, providing clickable charts that quickly adapt to the required granularity (from one day to one minute), users can easily zoom in or out to reach the desired level of detail. Coupled with a flexible filtering and search mechanism, navigation is simplified as error views can directly adapt to the dimension of interest. xAnalyser provides a fast way to identify errors per network element affected, reaching down to the impacted transactions of individual subscribers.

Designed for

Network Operations

Value Drivers

Monitor network errors and identify root cause efficiently.

Filter by network element to quickly pinpoint the main contributor to a particular network error.

Analyse historical error insights and identify recurring issues.

Focus on current errors to contextualise and optimise troubleshooting.

Reduce mean time taken to repair (MTTR) and enhance quality of service assurance.

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