Consumer needs and expectations have changed radically in recent years. People are consuming more digital content than ever, including streaming TV, and often access these services from mobile devices.

Video now accounts for more than half of all mobile network traffic, a trend that is on an upward trajectory.

Perception of a CSP’s quality has a direct correlation with their video experience on the network.

Deep video metrics can provide an accurate read on performance issues for streaming video such as rebuffering, dropped frames and bitrate. The data also reviews what content viewers are abandoning and when, as well as caches delivery results. Other analytics can help you learn more about your customers’ video viewing behaviours, including location, preferred type of content and their various devices and platforms.

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Network Operations and Planning

Value Drivers

KQIs on video quality from the user plane

  • Real-time
  • Deep Granularity
  • Multi-dimension

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