Go the extra-mile in protecting your subscribers’ data.

Ensure employee compliance with privacy and security policies with User Monitoring.

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Ensure employee compliance with privacy and security policies with User Monitoring.

Because your customers trust you with their data, ensuring employee compliance with your privacy and security policies is a must.

Privacy and data protection at the top of the agenda for telecom operators.

Data privacy and security is a top priority for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) globally, that now – more than ever – need to ensure that their subscribers’ personal data is protected. One major step in doing so is to deploy strict internal polices, preventing employees from performing any activity that could violate data privacy and security.

Customer Care employees have direct access to subscribers’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in order to fulfil customer requests and resolve complaints. Subscribers trust their operator to protect their personal information, and to use it to serve them better. To keep with their commitment and maintain this high trust level, CSPs must prevent and timely tackle cases of abusive data access.

User Monitoring has been designed to help you do that.

Detect and prevent misconduct and non-compliant user behaviours.

User Monitoring is a solution developed with and for Customer Care Audit Managers. Through multiple dashboards, consolidating search-logs and granular insights about individual employees’ behaviour, auditors can quickly pinpoint abnormal cases and take corrective measures.

The solution provides consolidated insights on employees’ behaviours for auditors to monitor their overall team’s activity. But it also gets down to the details, allowing Customer Care Audit Managers to drill down to individual employees’ role, behaviours and search activity, as well as to identify unusual repetitive search-intensive patterns of specific MSISDNs and the user behind it.

This way, you can ensure that your subscribers data and privacy are being protected, while maintaining efficient Customer Care operations.

Designed for

Customer Care Audit Managers

Value Drivers

Efficient and robust auditing through overall, role-based or individual employee behaviour analytics.

Detailed, timestamped audit logs covering every single Deep Network Analytics (DNA) platform interaction, facilitating reporting and historic analysis.

Protection of subscriber personal data and privacy, while maintaining efficient customer care and business operations.

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