Understanding and managing digital moments, anytime and anywhere, is becoming a must. Your customers want seamless experiences wherever they are, whatever they do. And IoT devices’ promises will not be excused whether they are in a particular country or not.

Roaming: the unsung opportunity.

Digital technologies and services have drastically changed consumers’ behaviours, as did their needs and expectations. For international travellers, connectivity has turned to number one priority. From those who just cannot not stay connected, to business travellers who need to check up on emails or make calls, or even tourists who rely on their smartphones to look up for direction, they all want one thing: connectivity, anywhere and anytime. And they can choose among a number of different options to cover their needs: WiFi, local SIM cards or roaming — the competition is stiff.

Although the demand for connectivity on-the-go has been increasing, data roaming used to be expensive and inconvenient. And with the prevalence of OTT alternatives, operators have experienced a significant decline in their revenue share. To make the challenge even bigger, M2M roaming connections are growing exponentially, yet operators struggle to accurately identify and monitor M2M inbound and outbound roaming activity.

Advanced roaming analytics can help you turn those challenges to your advantage.

INSIGHTS: Roaming analytics and the cyber-nomads

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Address the demand for international connectivity more effectively, deliver better experiences, and increase revenues from roaming.

Roaming Analytics Business Management is an all-in-one solution designed specifically to cover your Roaming Product Managers’ needs end-to-end. It comprises of five intuitive dashboards, combining features that surface roaming insights from different analyses angles, based on network and EDW data.

The solution provides you dynamic roamers’ profiles based on historical travel patterns and usage preferences. By understanding your customers’ needs and expectations, you can proactively target travellers with relevant roaming offers, enticing them to utilise your roaming services.

You can identify where your subscribers are going, which networks they attach to, and the quality of service they get. You can see inbound roamers and their experience on your network. With such insights, not only do you sharpen your customer profiles by identifying prevailing travel patterns, but you also gain crucial information to negotiate better international roaming agreements.

You get a consolidated view of M2M-specific KPIs and metrics, so you can understand what is happening with both inbound and outbound roaming M2M devices, and better address the growth of M2M roaming connections.

Ask questions. Get answers.

  • How many of our subscribers traveled abroad and used a roaming service last month?
  • Which service is the most popular for outbound roamers?
  • Which are the top 10 operators our outbound roamers used last month? Are they all on our partner networks?
  • How many destination countries on average did our subscribers visit last month? Should we create a multi-country roaming plan?
  • How big was our M2M outbound roaming subscriber base last month?
Designed for

Roaming Product Managers

Value Drivers

One solution. Five dashboards. Cover the needs of Roaming Product Managers end-to-end.

Surface monthly KPIs and metrics: by roaming direction, country and operator, type of service and subscriber segments.

Build dynamic roamers’ profiles, leveraging monthly roaming activity patterns, coupled with demographics, devices, price plans and segment attributes.

Leverage a dedicated view of M2M-specific KPIs and metrics, analysing inbound and outbound M2M roaming traffic.

Enhance your international partnerships and secure your roaming revenue by understanding travellers’ behaviours and needs.

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