Our proactive CEM solution makes sure you are always ahead in addressing your customers needs.

Empower your customer care agents:

Niometrics provides a real-time workspace that empowers them with a comprehensive overview of valued customers’ experience, allowing them to take proactive actions during service disruptions. Our proactive CEM workspace also provides individual customer behavioural patterns enhancing your customer care agents’ ability to offer personalised and up-to-date responses.


Define your customer segments and proactively monitor their data experience:

Our workspace gives you the power and flexibility to define and manage your customer base by segments.

Monitor the KPI thresholds for each segment – right down to the performance of individual applications – with immediate detection and alerts that can be sent to dedicated customer care agents for proactive actions to be taken.

Designed for

Customer Care

Value Drivers

KQI thresholds monitored for Customer Segment at granular levels

Customer Segments are user-defined, for flexibility

Real-time notification and alert can be sent to dedicated Customer Care Officers for proactive actions to be taken

  • True Real-time
  • Deep Granularity

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