Know how your network is being experienced. Real-time, any time, all the time.

Customers do not call to report a network node is down: they complain about not being able to stream videos.

The “always-on” nature of data connectivity services requires CSPs to place a higher emphasis on service availability and quality, across all applications and all customers.

From your network infrastructure to the users’ device settings, through the content and applications servers, a multitude of interacting elements define customers’ experience on your network. We built our Network Analytics solution to enable a user-plane perspective of identifying and analysing how each component impacts the customer experience, complementing standard network troubleshooting tools.

Designed for

Network Operations, Network Planning and Optimisation

Value Drivers

Real-time view of how customers are experiencing each application enable a faster time-to-response and resolution

KQI can be monitored at a very granular level, allowing in depth troubleshoot and recovery

  • Deep Granularity
  • True Real-time

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