Connect the what with the where. Find out the why.

No matter how many petabytes of data, or how sophisticated the analytics, if it fails to provide the right information, to the right user, in a way that is humanly understandable and easy-to-grasp, it’s a waste of time and money.

Let the map tell you the story.

Leading in customer experience is a number one priority for Communications Service Providers (CSPs), struggling to differentiate in a long saturated and increasingly competitive market. In order to achieve this, they have been shifting from the traditional network-centric approach to a service-centred view and focusing on achieving operational excellence.

SOC teams are responsible to constantly monitor the network end-to-end, in order to identify, in the blink of an eye, elements that may have an impact on service quality and subscribers’ experience. To do so, they need a monitoring solution that presents real-time network usage and performance in an eye-catching rendition of data, in many different ways and to great depth.

Find issues and optimise operations. Simply. Efficiently.

Mapview is a rich, interactive geo-visualisation tool offering full network visibility, from national down to the cell level, with real-time usage and performance metrics. The solution enables SOC teams to efficiently monitor service quality per location at any scale, detect degradations or outages as they occur, and timely respond with mitigation actions before subscribers’ experience is truly affected.

View. Monitor. Investigate. In the blink of an eye.

Mapview allows SOC teams to view, monitor, and further investigate network usage and service quality, in real-time. It provides an intuitive graphical representation of network usage and performance metrics to monitor how KPIs vary across geographical areas, allowing end-to-end network monitoring at a glance. Built to be customised to your own location topology, users can interactively monitor and investigate network condition from national down to the cell level.

Beyond an intuitive interface that offers a birds-eye view of network condition at different location levels, users can combine multiple filtering options — by key applications, RATs, or even time range —  to focus on specific service components, and hence better understand how network condition relates to subscriber experience.

This simple, yet effective design helps SOC teams to achieve more efficiency, significantly improving troubleshooting process and overall service assurance.

Designed for

Service Operations Centre (SOC)

Value Drivers

Simplify anomaly detection with interactive, colour-rated geo-visualisations updated in real-time.

Drill-down from national down to the cell level or point of interest, and get instant key usage and performance insights, complemented by last hour’s or last day’s trends.

Focus on different service components by using multi-dimensional filters, such as location, RAT and application.

Improve troubleshooting and time-to-resolution by detecting service degradations and outages as they occur.

Leverage location-based insights to improve network planning, coverage optimisation and expansion decisions.

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