CSPs play a key role, providing the connectivity between billions of machines that is essential in making IoT a reality. However, machine-generated data is poised to increase exponentially, creating tremendous strain on infrastructures that are unprepared for the dramatic growth of data coming.

You can plan and configure resources to support integrated IoT solutions by understanding IoT behaviours on your network.

With real-time IoT analytics, you can proactively forecast signalling storms, identify bandwidth-taxing IoT devices, and manage abnormal network usage patterns as they occur, avoiding network outages during data surges, and predicting failures before they happen.

Designed for

Network Operations

Value Drivers

Better support and operational performance management of IoT solutions

Proactively identify and manage aggressive IoT devices

More precise bandwidth dimensioning for cost-effective network usage

  • Deep Granularity
  • Device Library
  • True Real-time

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