Know your customers. Understand their journeys. Across fixed and mobile networks.

Get a consolidated view of your subscribers across fixed and mobile networks with Home Analytics.

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Get a consolidated view of your subscribers across fixed and mobile networks with Home Analytics.

Way too often, fixed and mobile customers are taken care of by different teams, even if the person behind is one and unique individual. By reconciling data from both worlds, you can gain a holistic understanding of your subscribers’ behaviours, and accurately identify up-sell, cross-sell, and acquisition opportunities.

Get an unfragmented view of your subscribers’ journey, end-to-end.

Always-on connectivity has become prominent in today’s consumer behaviour. As a result, households now comprise of multiple types of devices, connected over both fixed and mobile broadband networks, that may even switch multiple times within a day. Even at home, smartphones typically shift between mobile and fixed connectivity, depending on subscribers’ location or quality of connection.

This creates a challenge for Communications Service Providers (CSPs), which need an unfragmented view of their customers’ journeys, end-to-end, in order to surface comprehensive insights they can leverage on.

Identify the best up-sell, cross-sell and acquisition opportunities at the household level.

Home Analytics is an unprecedented solution. Its foundational technology lies on Niometrics’ patent-pending device-matching method, that can accurately identify and pair devices across full-scale communications networks.

Designed for bottom-line impact, Home Analytics provides a set of intuitive dashboards, custom-designed for Sales and Customer Lifecycle Managers, who need to form an end-to-end view and genuine understanding of your customers’ journey as they move between mobile and fixed networks.

From laying the land of home broadband connections, to drilling down to each specific connections, Home Analytics solution surfaces new knowledge and insights that were invisible before.

With this, managers can accurately pinpoint audiences presenting cross-selling, up-selling and new acquisition opportunities, achieving tangible campaigns’ ROI improvement.

INSIGHTS: Converged operators and the unbroken individual

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Ask questions. Get answers.

  • Which are the Households with the highest new acquisition potential?
  • Which are the Households with the highest up-sell/cross-sell potential?
  • What was our latest up-sell campaign effectiveness?
  • What is the detailed device composition of each of our VIP Home Broadband accounts?
  • Is there an opportunity for a new IoT product offering we could leverage?
Designed for

Sales and Customer Lifecycle Managers

Value Drivers

Benefit from Niometrics’ patent-pending device matching method, the first to achieve persistent and accurate identification of devices across full-scale fixed and mobile networks.

See every single device behind each household’s fixed connection, including IoT, as well as those potentially using a competitor's SIM.

Form a consolidated, unfragmented view of your customers’ journey, and identify the most relevant up-sell, cross-sell and acquisition opportunities.

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