The proliferation of devices continues to fuel consumer demand for more over-the-top (OTT) content and services, no matter where they are. The Digital Lifestyle Profiler helps you discover gems in data that can be turned into new products, processes and services.

Better appreciation of your customers:

By making use of rich application and web signatures from the consumption of online services, you are able to decode specific digital behaviours and sharpen your understanding of customer profiles.


Observe digital behavioural trends change as they take place:

We enable you be more nimble in a fickle consumer landscape. Through continual updates of individual customers’ digital preferences, we improve your ability to respond and drive positive customer engagement.

Designed for

Marketing & Digital Services Manager

Value Drivers

Rich Signatures for Web and Apps, providing deep detail of users’ digital consumption patterns

Continual updates of individual customers’ digital behaviours to understand preferences and patterns, enabling more personal and relevant customer engagement

  • Deep Granularity