Consumers are overwhelmed by the attention they are receiving and the noise they are exposed to. Grabbing their attention requires surgically crafted targeting and messaging.

Trigger context-resonant interactions.

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are advantageously positioned to distill digital behaviour data, understand their customers’ needs and preferences and hence accurately identify the customers segment who are the most likely to show interest in a specific proposition.

However, due to the complexity, velocity and volume of interactions taking place in an operator’s network, marketers often fail to generate significant value from customers’ data.

Be on point.

Our Digital Leads Generator solution leverages on a rich and detailed customer profiling, so customer segments and the campaign database can be defined with more precision.

The solution features an interactive user interface (UI) allowing Campaign Managers to sharpen their targeting, and accurately match the campaign offer catalogue to the right audience. Leveraging on a rich set of targeting dimensions, marketers can build their queries and generate an accurate whitelist of leads.

With better matching of leads and propositions, customers feel more engaged, and campaigns ROI can be optimised.

Pinpoint customer segments with hyper-granular traits.

Digital Leads Generator is a dual solution, serving both as a campaign audience creator, and a database experimentation tool.

The solution extends beyond the typical audience creation functionality, limited to identifying the right subscribers for a particular campaign. It can also serve as a dynamic profiling tool, allowing your teams to perform a very quick experimentation within their customers’ attributes database. It helps your team understand customers’ behaviours and preferences, leading to a better profiling and definition of customer segments. 

Designed for

Marketing Teams

Value Drivers

Rich signatures for web and applications, providing deep details on the digital consumption patterns of individuals.

Database able to ingest and store 100TB/month for up to 60 million subscribers, 1,000 attributes, and 6 months of retention.

Micro-segmentation and query response in less than 60 seconds.

Dynamic profiling combining network data and CRM/billing data.

Precise targeting and campaign ROI optimisation.

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