Powering Growth, Monetizing Data

After a decade of continuous growth in revenues, traditional voice and messaging revenues have fallen due to the advent of mobile and wired data. Even with the unabated demand for data, communications service providers (CSPs) continue to grapple with ways to maximize returns, protect revenue and spot new opportunities in today’s Internet-driven world.

IP-based networks offer CSPs a unique opportunity to access a previously untapped wealth of network and subscriber information, to stimulate a new wave of growth. By leveraging deep network intelligence, CSPs will be able to address challenges in terms of revenue generation, bandwidth management and control, and offer truly innovative products and services.

Powering Growth Opportunities

Over-the-Top content (OTT) is in extremely high demand and has recently been replacing traditional connectivity services. This growth has been at the expense of operators who are experiencing flat revenues, even as the demand for data increases.

While there is no silver bullet for CSPs to stimulate revenues, quantifiable understanding of their ecosystem can help them make strategic transformations and timely decisions.

CSPs need to be able to identify, assess and react to new trends with in-depth understanding of their subscribers. Armed with deep subscriber knowledge, CSPs can then intelligently meet customer demands, converting them into revenue opportunities.

Deep Subscriber Awareness

As subscribers increasingly replace, or complement, traditional services such as voice and SMS with OTT applications, such as instant messaging, VoIP, social networking, etc., CSPs need to better understand how their subscribers use these services.

Simply relying on billing and service provisioning information is no longer sufficient for CSPs, as OTT applications can provide valuable insights into subscriber behavior, preferences and needs.

By looking deeper into which applications, and even which features are being used, and combine this with subscriber key attributes and events derived from application data, CSPs can create detailed demographic and psychographic views of their subscribers, and target segments with similar preferences, likes and interests.

Key Benefits of Network Intelligence
  • Study market trends and customer behavior with knowledge gathered from social networking and other traffic types
  • Segment and profile different classes of subscribers with greater clarity and build stronger customer understanding and relationships
  • Forecast business opportunities and enable revenue-sharing models with application owners, market survey firms and beyond
  • Optimize revenue-generating strategies to increase ARPU with the adoption of differentiated services
  • Reduce churn by measuring customer satisfaction and performance of new customer acquisition channels and campaigns
  • Identify key subscriber segments by demographic and psychographic attributes
  • Measure subscriber app experience and analyze device, location, tethering interactions
  • Track new application and device trends to spot new business opportunities and threats

Deep Network Analytics for Subscriber Awareness

Designed specifically to analyze traffic at the application layer, Niometrics DNA inspection engine detects more than 6,000 applications, protocols and services. It is complemented by a sophisticated analytics platform that feeds data to a real-time dashboard and a reporting engine. With an open architecture, Niometrics DNA is highly flexible to suit various CSP requirements.


Inadequacies of current state Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) solutions

Most operators have traditionally used DPI solutions to help them gain basic subscriber intelligence and provision for tiered service-plans.

This has now become inadequate, even with the integration of PCRF solutions with DPI technology. Off-the-shelf DPI is rudimentary and can only identify a limited number of standard applications, as the main objective is operational. Moreover, due to the dynamic application ecosystem, such DPI tools, with the hardware limitations and the long development cycles, are incapable of keeping pace with complex, new or ever-changing application traffic.

Dedicated Network Intelligence

Niometrics offers an end-to-end network traffic intelligence solution. Its foundation is a high-resolution DPI engine which inspects traffic and can recognize thousands of applications and protocols (>6,000). Building on this engine, Niometrics goes a step further by creating a stream of raw data directed into an embedded analytics platform that can aggregate and visualize information of interest. This offers operators deep insights and actionable business events that can be uniquely tailored to specific requirements and priorities.

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