Drive Security with Network Intelligence

The threat of targeted attacks against governments and enterprises, and the inability of traditional security solutions to defend against new and sophisticated forms of attacks has prompted organizations to better understand their organizations from within and detect deviations from baseline behavior that may indicate possible network intrusions or weaknesses.

This has increased the interest in application layer network security monitoring solutions with visualization and analytics capabilities that allow them to respond more quickly

Intelligence-Driven Security

2012 has been a watershed year for the network security industry. From network security companies, to governments and businesses, organizations continue to face ever more sophisticated, often targeted, attacks.

The most common tactic used by attackers is to seed malware into networks to exfiltrate sensitive information. With no effective strategy to actively defend every point on their networks, system administrators are now discovering that they have to seriously rethink their defense strategy. The traditional layered security strategy which focusses on the perimeter, is now giving way to “intelligence-driven security” which emphasizes information gathering; of monitoring not only ingress and egress traffic, but internal traffic as well.

To handle current and emerging threats, administrators must possess the tools, and patience, to improve the quality of security data feeds from within the network, to be able to spot suspicious application traffic (layer 7), which may point to malware “beaconing” . This will also help determine security policies that can be put in place to minimize the attack surface even from within the organization.

Simply put, the new security mindset is to start  collecting and analyzing information to find out what really goes on inside  the network.

Managing the “Big Data” challenge

With the flood of security-events from an array of security devices, the challenge of aggregating and analyzing this flood of data from the entire network stack, at a single point is overwhelming for the security analyst.

A more reasonable and efficient strategy to get around this is to analyze low-level data at the source with visualization and analysis tools designed specifically to analyze the type of data, such as layer 7 applications, before filtering and forwarding specific and relevant events, and statistics to higher-level analytics systems.

This way, the right kind of security intelligence information can quickly be made available to the right people and help them in making key decisions.

For example, local system administrators may detect the presence of SYN-only traffic on a few clients, investigating further pinpoints a host infected with a DDoS botnet. Further upstream, security administrators can assess if this is part of a larger attack on the network.

Traffic inspection of all critical points of network, including internal and external-bound trafficPowerful network analytics and visualization tools for instant access to deep-level application, user and device events and information

Customizable real-time data integration with other security information management systems

Deep Network Analytics for Real-time Security Monitoring


The current security approach of perimeter based strategy, and especially the collection of logs from a multitude of security devices, has resulted in an information overload for the security analyst.

In a quest to discern the good, bad and grey traffic, security experts are recommending that all critical points on a network be monitored at the application layer. The nature of deep packet inspection creates an unprecedented amount of security events and information for all apps, users, sessions, flows and packets.

Niometrics DNA solution offers the latest generation network analytics and visualization dashboards and tools to help security analysts spend less time on raw logs and quickly make sense of historical and real-time trends.  Analysts are able to analyze and investigate incidents with immediate drill-down dashboard views, unlimited custom reports and configurable real-time data streams for further big data analysis.

This will allow them to make use of actionable intelligence on applications, devices and users to improve their responsiveness to security incidents.

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